About Mr. Chippy

Serving a variety of delicious choices such as golden crispy fish and chips, super delicious sandwiches, juicy burgers, succulent kebabs, and many other tasty dishes at Mr. Chippy, a wonderful Fish bar which is located at 17 Arklay St, Dundee DD3 7LG.
We’re united by a love of amazing food and beverages, and our desire to spread joy through a meal. By means of our super-fast home delivery service, experience a marvellous night with your loved ones.
If you are near Arklay St, and ask a local resident for, “A great fish and chips near me?” It will not be long before they point you in our direction.
We also have an exclusive 10% discount on ALL online Orders.
Our priority is hygiene, and our staff are applying strict hygiene protocols, in line with Covid-19 regulations, in all steps of preparing, packaging, and delivering your order, giving you peace of mind.
If you’re not happy with your order or simply have a question about ordering and need to get in touch, then call us on 01382 453 192.



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